The Coffee Sessions - A coffee education event series

Ʊע58Ԫ The Coffee Sessions

The Ʊע58Ԫ and the SCAE UK Chapter Education Coordinators, Tim Sturk and Ben Townsend, host this series of coffee education events at the Ʊע58Ԫ's conference facilities in London.

The Coffee Sessions aim to drive interest in coffee quality, to improve standards and to shorten the distance between farmer, roaster, barista and consumer. These events also provide networking opportunities for professionals and consumers alike – an opportunity for the various disciplines to cross the boundaries to new topics of interest.  and get notifications for upcoming events and registration.

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Videos of Past Coffee Sessions

Emma Sage on taste and sensory performance
19 May 2016


Simon Gane on the science behind the smell of coffee
19 May 2016


Q&A with Emma Sage and Simon Gane
19 May 2016


Marie-Anne Rogers on green tasting green coffee defects
3 December 2015


Javier Gomez Lopez on the calibrating coffee sensory plan
3 December 2015


Konrad Brits Presents "Zero Cost Sustainability"
16 July 2015


Nadine Rasch Presents "Vertical Integration and Sustainability"
16 July 2015


Ronny Billemon Presents "And What Ʊע58Ԫ Water?"
12 March 2015


Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood Presents “What is Good Water?”
12 March 2015



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